Our approach is based on four principals: Experience, Quality, Service and State-of-the-Art advanced technology.

We’ll provide you with our many years of quality diagnostic imaging, medical expertise and personalized service.It is important to know that all imaging scanners are not of the same caliber and quality.

But what we’re most proud of – quite simply is our Team… Our highly trained and dedicated professional staff strives every day to consistently provide our patients and their doctors with an exceptional level of care and patient satisfaction. When you need advanced medical imaging, Iamed MRI Scan & Imaging Center is the place to go!

For Patients

Diagnostic imaging  is a very important part of the pathway to improving healthcare outcomes. By diagnosing medical conditions we assist your primary Clinicians to help you get the most appropriate treatment. We do this with our highly qualified team of Consultant Radiologists utilising modern equipment in safe internationally accredited facilities.

For Referrers

We aim to provide your patients with high quality, efficient, affordable diagnostic imaging which is reported by local Consultant Radiologists. We partner with all of the leading Private Health insurance companies to deliver our services to your patients seamlessly.

To make your interaction with us more efficient we are continually improving our IT systems so you can view and order diagnostic imaging electronically on a wide range of platforms.

Iamed makes life easier for hospitals and clinicians. Our Diagnostic Imaging services are designed to take as much of the management, technical and financial burden from your shoulders as possible, leaving you free to concentrate on patients and medical outcomes.

We help you to increase your capacity, integrate leading-edge scanning equipment, and deliver a high quality and efficient service that is a natural extension of your hospital’s existing patient offering.